CEO of Titan International, heavy weight dance music pioneer Philipp Straub founded his company to facilitate the progression of electronic music. A deeply passionate DJ and producer, he is a leading figurehead and hero of the BURN Residency competition. Philipp’s 23-year long career working as a DJ and producer has helped inform his 3D understanding of what it takes to make crowds have a dangerously great time on the dance-floor. Titan is counted as one of the leading agencies of its kind in central Europe. Mainly because of the innovative creative strategies Philipp applies to industry clients, approaching good times as if they were a currency requiring investment and careful consideration, he is a true stalwart of club music.


Being one of the first electronic music artists who got signed to an international major label already in 1993, Philipp continued seamlessly with ongoing releases also on the biggest underground labels of its time. From CLR, Bush, Rotation to Primate, Primevil and many more. Still up to today he delivers successful releases on prestigeous imprints such as Bedrock, 8bit, Deeperfect, Yoshitoshi to just name few. And of course all of these got permanent support from the big players of this industry.


He is one of those rare artists that puts the clubber at the forefront of his shows. His intuition – that can only be described as a sort of techno inspired sixth sense – fuels him with the skill and finesse to play acoustically unique, floor-filling sets infused with his signature creativity and an unwavering passion to make people groove.

This is a man driven by nothing less than the challenge of satisfying the musical appetites of anyone lucky enough to witness him live. It’s no surprise when you consider Philipp is the son of hoteliers; he grew up with a deeply rooted appreciation for travel and the fine art of helping people have a good time. „I need excitement in music and when I generate
this for myself, I generate it for my audience.“


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