360º music consultancy group and talent buying company that belongs at the heart of music, culture and brands. Who are we? The same as you: curious minds looking to connect deeper than the surface and using music to pursue the future

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We work with our partners to develop long-term strategies to strike gold and obtain milestones that feel beyond reach, and we’re available to support every step of the way:

We help you navigate the entire in-house executional process by designing an optimal organizational structure and timeline to fast-track your goals.
Depending on the scale of the project, we can outsource, on-board and nurture local teams.
If you want your event to have the voice it deserves, we are also the key to unlocking access to top artists worldwide and from all genres. Our network includes top event producers and artists to create unique customer experiences that last.


Network Artists brings to light the pioneering features of your brand through unique strategies and 360º rollouts to launch a total brand activation, which will create the opportunity for global recognition, growth and value.

The secret formula:
Data analysis and subsequent planning
Organic workflows and modular structures to maximize growth potential and results
Immersive events that embody your core principles and overall presence


NETWORK ARTISTS is your sidekick to custom event management, from conceptualization to coordination, to implementation.

We play a competitive role in the perimeters of private events, whether it is discreet for your close circle only, or you’re a corporation looking to connect brands and talent for universal exposure. There’s always an event master plan that encompasses the venue, logistics and entertainment to ensure that everyone in your world holds an everlasting imprint of the experience.

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Our database includes direct contacts to all talent within the world of electronic music and beyond. We are privileged to have personal and strong relationships with many artists, managers and agents, which helps us ensure a smooth and fast operation.The rise and growth in electronic music has brought many new possibilities, from festivals, to collaborations and it’s opened doors in the ever-evolving genres of pop, rock and urban.

our Roots

After 30 years in the music industry, we have not only acquired the knowledge, experience and network, but the recognition as one of the leading global consultancy companies. We have immersed ourselves in every aspect of the industry, leaving our signature on the music scene – starting as promoters, then talent buyers, consultants and now founders as well as CEOs. Whether you are a venue owner, an event promoter or an entertainment/lifestyle focused hospitality group, we can put ourselves in your world.


Past projects + photos listed here.



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